The Partnership

e have a Partnership of Companies to provide you with the best possible service in the choice and composition of your new project or machines. A PoC is much more than a collection of dealerships. In the Partnership we work together in a very well-coordinated way to be able to present a project proposal that is as complete and detailed as possible. We have a common ambition and mindset to offer you the most cost-effective solution. We also work on an ad hoc basis with other suppliers. In practice, these are usually competitors in sub-areas. Most projects require multiple disciplines and suppliers. We always work with a project coordinator of the dealer and a project coordinator of the suppliers. In various sub directories of the website we explain clearly with practical examples of how we work. We show what we mean by a project. In the section elaborated projects we analyze a whole range of practical examples. Sometimes these have not yet been sold or are not yet in operation. However, all have been made and consulted with existing customers. We have identified six criteria related to your project of each we will provide a detailed answer.

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A separate part is made to clarify the importance of the right systems on this. We will introduce different suppliers and systems.

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