About Taneco

Taneco is specialized in Water treatment systems. Taneco offers specific solutions, based on customers demand and requirements and also offers plug and play systems. Customers as Aviko Potato, Mc Cain, AVEBE are using the Taneco systems already for years. Taneco developed a solution for potato and vegetable processors to recycle wash water in a simple, compact and affordable way. The system saves up to 95% on water. The Agri WWT comes with capacities from 10 – 100 m3/h. The complete system is built in two 20ft containers and is fully tested in our factory and is fully installed within two working days. We live in a world where water scarcity is increasing every day. In order for future generations to benefit from all the possibilities we have today, water is one of the most important resources that we must take care of. Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary use of water in such a way that companies use mainly their own recycled water. With this partnership we think we can reach our goal on making the world a little better.

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