About Allround Vegetable Processing

ver the past thirty years, Allround has developed into one of the leading providers of complete processing lines for potatoes, onions, carrots and other root vegetables. Allround Vegetable Processing has two production facilities. The head office is in the Netherlands the second branch is in India, city Ambala state Haryana. In India we also have a sales office and service point in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. For a complete schematic overview of Allround with all key figures, activities and organizational charts, we refer you to the website of Allround Vegetable Processing

B.V.> about us > The World of Allround. Allround has a large Marketing department at their branch in India. We have specialized ourselves in designing of complete projects. In this department we are in constant contact with all our partners to integrate all different machines and technologies into these projects. Allround Vegetable Processing designs and produces complete processing lines from two tons to one hundred tons per hour. The specific parts for Allround are mainly: washing, destoning & hydrocooling, mechanical grading, logistics and internal transport, storage & smart hoppers and onion processing / cleaning.

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