Washing installations from 2 tons to 100 tons per hour

Allround has distinguished itself over the past twenty-five years with a very extensive program in drum scrubbers, destoners, wet hoppers, hydrocoolers and polishers. The washing machines or washing systems are for both vegetables and potatoes. All machines and types can be supplied in ordinary steel or stainless steel version.For washing potatoes we have machines that are suitable for both industry and the fresh market. For industry, the scrubbers with or without integrated destoner have a capacity depending on the type of soil and degree of contamination up to more than a hundred tons per hour. The washing installation can also be delivered mobile. The mobile washing installations are often used for the delivery of potatoes directly from the producer / farmer to chips and French fries factories. With a project proposal for a clothesline, we also make an idea for the water supply and drainage. We work closely with Taneco for complete water recycling systems. For the water management we have many examples from history.

Drum/Spray Washer

Allround has more than fifteen types of drum washers. The capacity of a drum washer is basically the time at which a product is in the drum. The capabilities we give for the drum scrubbers are all based on experience and on the conservative side. We distinguish two main types in the drum washers. The machine with an output belt, the U series, and the machine without an output belt, the C series. Machine with outfeed belt (U) allows you to control the water level. For example, you can wash potatoes with the water level above the potatoes so that the washing process takes place as carefully as possible. The machine without an outfeed belt (C) has no water level in the drum. We call this a so-called dry washing machine. The products scrape more over each other. You can compare it to washing your hands under the tap. This machine is mainly used in the carrots. The U drum washers can also be supplied with an integrated destoner. The drums can be either round or hexagonal.

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For Destoners we have two types of the so-called flume destoner, with pump and the type with the propeller. Allround has been making destoners for more than thirty years. For the destoners with propeller are often used under harsh conditions. We offer three types, from twenty tons to more than a hundred tons of capacity. The propeller destoner has an output belt for stones and clods. After that, the product comes on a propduct output belt. A lot of loose soil is already being carried away by the drain here. With the so-called flune destoner, the upward force of the water to separate the stones and clods is caused by a pump. The clods and stones are drained with a discharge belt. The product goes through the water overflow to the next machine.

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Wet Hopper and Hydro Coolers

A wet hopper is a stainless steel pre-soaking tank. The product enters the tank with water through which forced air is pumped. A wet hopper can be an alternative to a washer or an additional machine for the washer. Depending on the circumstances of very heavily soiled or very lightly soiled product, we offer wet hoppers for pre-soaking or complete washing of the product. The wet hoppers range in length from 325 cm to 700 cm. The capacity of the wet hopper is the number of minutes that the product is in the wet hopper. For example, the wet hopper J4t has a nominal content of 4000 kg of product with a specific weight of 650 kg per square meter. At sixty minutes of pre-soaking time, the machine has 4000 kg capacity per hour. At thirty minutes, the machine has eight tons of capacity.

Allround has six types of hydrocooler in its standard program. The capacity of a hydrocooler is expressed in kWh cooling capacity. Allround’s hydrocooling method is the purest. The product is placed on a belt over which cold water is continuously sprayed. See Youtube for a detailed explanation.

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Allround’s polishers have found their way all over the world over the past twenty years. The machine is very easy to maintain. The polisher is available in both a stainless steel version and in mild stem version. With or without water purification basin.The capacity cannotbe indicated. One way of measuring is to measure the number of kg in the drum. Determine how many brushes these lie on and multiply them. This calculation is purely theoretical. We have a lot of experience, so we can freely give you the expected capacity for your product and specific circumstances. The thickness of the hair on brushes make the hardness of the brushes. We offer a choice of eight different hardnesses as standard. See youtube.

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