The WWT 10 system is a verry complete systemwhere sand and sludge are separated anddewatered.The system is build based on customer demandsand capacities.

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Sludge separation and dewatering

To separate sludge from wastewater, we use
a Gravity Belt Thickener plus. The GBT plus is equipped with a press zone to dewater.

Sand separation and dewatering

Hydro-cyclones and separators are the ideal solution to separate solids from fluids. Therefore we use a cyclone to separate the sand from the rest of the wash water. The specially designed regulator ensures continuous results with varying loads. The sand will be dewatered with a Vibrating sieve.

Technical Specification

Capacity : 20 – 60 m3/h
Dewatered sand > 80% d.s.
Dewatered clay > 25% d.s.
Efficiencie 98%
Bacterial removal optional

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