Wholesale packing

For whole selling, an extensive program of packaging machines has also been developed. We have our popular and well-known roll stock rashel net bagger in which we can pack from 2,5 kg to 25 kg. We also offer a special version which pack up to 50 kg. More than 1500+ machines are running around the world. We build master bailers, which group small bags into larger bags. Today we have master bailers where we can pack small bags in rollstock rashel net, paper and plastic bags. To create a fully automatic master bailer solution, a grouping and counting mechanism that feeds the master bailer is needed. We have a complete program of equipment that is suitable for this purpose. This means that we can offer and deliver complete solutions that solve the entire process.In the Wholesale packing category, we also build semi-automatic packing machines for net, jute and paper, which can handle bags up to 25 kg and 50 kg.


1351/ 1352

With the upmatic 1352, you benefit from the proven quality and performance of the upmatic 1351, while also enjoying enhanced features and improved usability. Discover the advantages of this advanced solution and boost the efficiency and precision of your packaging processes. With the upmatic 1352, you have the ability to create product-specific recipes, making your packaging processes even more efficient. By individually adjusting the settings, you can optimize the machine to meet the requirements of each product. Another significant advantage of the upmatic 1352 is the alarm display in text format in case of a malfunction. This allows for clear and immediate identification of the issue, enabling you to react quickly and maintain productivity. You have full control over the packaging process at all times and can make changes or adjustments to achieve optimal results. Experience the benefits of this advanced solution and elevate the efficiency and precision of your packaging processes with the upmatic 1352.

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2000 /18

The upmatic 2000/18 offers all the features of the upmatic 2000. With the upmatic 2000/18, you can seamlessly process package sizes ranging from 5 kg to a substantial 18 kg.

2000 UPA

The upmatic 2000 UPA is our unique counting system for pre-made PE film bags or PE tubular films, offering all the features of the upmatic 2000. With the automatic bag feed, various bag formats and types can be accurately counted into the pre-made PE film bags or PE tubular films.

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4125 – 4126UPA

The Workhorse Among Paper Machines – The upmatic 4125!

With the upmatic 4125, even the largest paper bags can be filled with confidence. This machine is the reliable and robust assistant in the packaging industry.Whether it’s packing dates, cat litter, charcoal, corn, onions, or potatoes – the upmatic 4125 effortlessly and efficiently handles the task. The deployed industrial sewing machine can be complemented with a label dispenser and various printing systems, ensuring secure closure and labeling.The technical specifications of the upmatic 4125 include a packaging capacity of up to 16 packs per minute. The minimum bag size is 185 mm x 90 x 370 mm, while the maximum bag size reaches 380 mm x 180 x 950 mm (equivalent to approximately 5.0 – 25 kg of potatoes).The upmatic 4126 UPA expands the range of paper machines with a wrapping machine.

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The retractable storage funnel AST-XX is the ideal solution for the gentle repackaging of loose products into a crate. With its automatic crate feeding system and integration with palletizers, it enables an efficient and seamless packaging process.The AST-XX is versatile and suitable for a variety of products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, and more. Its special design ensures a low drop height for loose products, minimizing the risk of damage.The technical specifications of the AST-XX are impressive. It offers a maximum filling capacity of 22.5 kg and a packing speed of up to 17 cycles per minute. The minimum crate size is 400×300 mm, with the minimum crate height depending on different formats and crate lengths. The maximum crate size is 600×400 mm with a maximum height of 350 mm for cartons with flaps.

With the retractable storage funnel AST-XX, you can have confidence that your loose product will be gently and efficiently packed into crates. Trust in its high performance and precise handling of your products to optimize your packaging processes and achieve the best results.

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