Robotical Aplications

IPLA also has robotic palletising systems for both the fruit and vegetable sector and the industrial sector. The 4 palletising solutions that IPLA offers allow any type of box to be palletised. The palletising robot for complete layers can handle any element and works in several positions, the SAVVY PAL family is designed to work with speeds up to 35 boxes per minute and the All-Round palletising cell is distinguished by handling and placing the boxes on their way to the forming table in order to form complete patterns which are afterwards picked up by the robot’s gripper.

Full layer robot palletizing

The IPLA full layer palletiser robot is a machine designed to handle any type of item and to work in several positions and palletise products coming from different lines simultaneously.

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Savvy pal

The merge is a system for the unification of crates coming from different sealing areas. It has a dynamic adjustment system to the production, so that the boxes arrive on demand at each of the entrances. With the merge the position of your boxes and the orientation of the labels, even with small boxes, is guaranteed. This machine can work from 1.200 to 6.600 crates per hour. This solution can be connected to any brand of machines used to process fruit upstream of box sorting

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All-Round Robot

The All-Round palletising cell is distinguished for having manipulators that rotate and place each box on the way to the forming table. In this way, the pattern is predefined before reaching the forming table where, using pushers, the boxes are centred and ready to be picked up by the gripper, which allows picking up packs up to 1000 x 1200 mm. One of the advantages of this robot is its control interface, which is very easy and intuitive and which can be used to configure new patterns, as well as to obtain information about production.

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Savvy Pal XL

SAVVY PAL XL is a machine designed for the industrial field, but due to the type of box used in the USA to process potatoes, onions and carrots, it is also suitable for these and other types of products in the fruit and vegetable sector as, due to its versatility, it can work with any type and size of box. It is a robot capable of handling up to 35 crates per minute and its pick-up gripper picks up complete rows of crates up to 1200x400mm. It is a very versatile robot since it is suitable for any type and size of box. It is a very compact machine that can be installed and started up in only 3 days. It is very easy to use thanks to its touch screen, which can be used to manually control any element of the installation, making the operator’s work easier. Patterns can be generated in a simple way, with the possibility of saving up to 100 palletising formats. There is also the possibility of including label orientation, pallet dispenser and cardboard dispenser within the same cell, so the size of the installation will remain the same, optimising the space in the customer’s plant.

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