Safety and precision in palletizers, from the very first belt that picks up the bag all the way to the completely built pallet. At Intec we don’t hesitate to take challenges and adapt to the needs of our customers. Our in-built modularity means that space constrains pose not an issue, neither the level of production nor the agricultural product that can be palletized. This way you will appreciate all the benefits that an automatic or semi-automatic palletizing system provides, according to your needs, such as the optimization of the available space in the warehouse or the increase in productivity. It also provides a better handling of the goods which both increases safety during transport and prevents damage on-route. Having a palletizing machine has become indispensable in food industry processes involving packaging and distribution of products.

Intec Palletizing Machines

Years of experience serving the produce industry have taught us that we have to be the bridge between companies and professionals. We provide our services from installation to having the palletizer working. In addition to an after-sales service for the revision of the machines, spare parts and training for their maintenance. We understand that in the agribusiness, the work revolves around very delicate, perishable, specialized loads. Therefore, it is of key importance to have a good, reliable and performing palletizing system.

Robopal S, direct stacker palletizer

Palletizer for boxes and unit bags, adaptable to any format and type of industry, it is the most adaptable solution in the food & beverage sector. What we try with this solution is to simplify the world of palletizing as much as possible and make it as flexible as possible. The way of palletizing is direct to the pallet, it does not require molds or additional structures. It is a palletizing line available for any client with space constraints, an array of products or specific palletizing and product needs. Versatile for a wide variety of lines of work, adaptable to products from the entire food & beverage family and with a wide range of accessories for the end of the line. It is a simple line, but with great potential for palletizing solutions.

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Robopal NB, pre-made layer device.

Ascending pre-layer palletizing system, this type of palletizing machine is adapted to reduced work areas with maximum product standardization, they are simple and versatile ways of palletizing when it comes to reducing internal costs. The versatile 4-axis robot arm system allows us to have maximum control of your work area, solving the mosaic and the client’s palletizing needs layer by layer. Regarding the speeds of maneuver, it easily solves the transfer and grouping of formats from 10 to 25kg in bags and boxes. Pallet heights can be optimized up to 2600mm without the stack losing its final structure. The fluidity of the combination between software and hardware allows us to bring together two types of adaptive technology and take them to their maximum expression. Easy, decisive and high-performance system, this is how we can define the low-level palletizing system.

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Robopal P

Box and sack palletizer robot, this palletizer can stack boxes and sacks at the same time. Built with a special claw for bags and boxes, we can dispense the load safely in a palletizer with adjustable molds to the pallet size required by the customer. With this combination of robot and mold structure, the versatility of the bagging product from 5 kg to 25 kg and boxed products is consolidated. If what you need is variety in the same work cell and fidelity with the small bagging formats, this system is the greatest solution.

Palletizing structure with lifting platform for the required pallet dimensions, built with adjustable molds and stops adapted to the different product needs. Quick access gates and automatic pressing per layer.

This combination with an autonomous, multifunction claw robot for bags and boxes, constant speeds and adapted to delivery belts, allows us to be flexible and decisive. Do not hesitate to ask about this palletizing option.

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Robopal C

High production for full layer box palletizer, it is a palletizing robot where the claw adapts to the type of mosaic that the client needs, it is used for different pallet formats, adaptable to any type of box, mosaic or height needed for any kind of pallet requested. The claw is built based on the need for the mosaic per layer and the speed of boxes per hour that the installation requires. Robot and gripper are always coordinated and installed in the same structure. The Robot is the basis of the movement to reach the pallet but what makes us special is the engineering that unites the prior transport and layer box conforming at that point is where. coordinates the arrival of boxes, the mosaic that the client needs is formed and it is left ready so that the Robot can pick them up and stack them on the selected pallet. The options of this stacking cell are very flexible, allowing different formats and products to be stacked simultaneously. The installation is versatile, it is efficient and compact in its use of space and adaptable for rapid product change. knowing your needs, we will build the palletizing line. Adaptable and your operation, with experience in different companies and products, is the reliability, speed and cost reduction to contribute to increase the bottom line.

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