Retail Packing

For many years, Upmann has an extensive program of packaging machines for retail packaging. With this we cover almost every type of packaging. We build horizontal poly baggers from 0,5 kg to 25 kg The horizontal poly bagger from Upmann was patented in 1966 and was the kickoff for this type of bag. Today we have 1500+ machines running of this model. We build a wide range of fully automatic paper bag packaging machines that cover bag sizes from 0,5 kg – 25 kg, single and tandem fill, with sealing and sewing closing unit. We build wicket poly baggers from 0,4 kg – 10 kg in several models . We build tubular net clipping machines from 0,5 kg – 5 kg. We build tray dispenser and filling systems from 0,2 kg – 1 kg Overall, a very wide selection of packaging machines, which we have developed over many years to cover the many needs. Upmann stands for all hardware and software which we build ourselves, and we therefore can provide optimal service. It also makes us very competent when different printer and label solutions must be integrated, or when special integration must be done against existing customer equipment. Our packaging machine can be equipped with remote service modules that allow us to access the machine directly at the end user.


The upmatic 3006 – the perfect solution for your packaging operation! This machine not only offers a compact design but also unbeatable performance.The upmatic 3006 handles the automatic sealing and separation of nets and optionally provides the ability to apply labels. Thanks to the revolver magazine, you can enjoy uninterrupted operation and optimize your packaging process. Whether it’s onions, potatoes, or citrus fruits, the upmatic 3006 effortlessly and efficiently handles the task.With an impressive packing speed of up to 40 packages per minute and a flexible package size ranging from 0.5 to 5 kg, you can increase productivity and provide your customers with fast delivery times.You can choose from various tube diameters ranging from 120 to 200 mm to meet your specific requirements for different net formats. Additionally, various dust-protected printing systems are available to ensure high print quality. The machine can be coupled with all common weighing machines.To better meet your needs, the upmatic 3006 offers a range of accessories. The dust-protected labeling devices allow for reliable labeling. The 19 mm label tape provides versatile options, while the wine glass labels starting from 160 mm offer an elegant choice.Take advantage of the benefits of the upmatic 3006 to optimize your packaging processes and work more efficiently.

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Paper bagger

The upmatic paper machine Type 4405 – the powerhouse designed specifically for small packaging. This machine impresses not only with its compact appearance but also with its unique construction and operation. The upmatic 4405 adapts flexibly to various paper bag formats, ensuring versatile production at all times. Whether it’s packing dates, cat litter, charcoal, corn, onions, or potatoes – this machine efficiently handles the task with high efficiency. With an impressive speed of up to 22 cycles per minute, the upmatic 4405 is extremely fast. It is ideal for paper bags ranging from 50x130x200 mm to 100x220x420 mm and is perfectly suited for small packages weighing from 0.5 kg to 5 kg. Additionally, it can be equipped with a label dispenser and various printing systems to meet your specific requirements. Harness the power of the upmatic paper machine Type 4405 to process your small packages efficiently.

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HFFS Pouch bagger

Introducing the versatile power of the upmatic 2000 – a cutting-edge, modular machine designed to unlock a world of possibilities! This horizontal film machine is revolutionizing the packaging industry by effortlessly handling pre-made PE film bags and PE semi-tubular films. With the upmatic 2000, you can seamlessly process package sizes ranging from 0.5 kg to a substantial 5 kg, all while achieving an impressive packing speed of up to 30 cycles per minute. But that’s not all! We understand the importance of branding and personalization, which is why our machine allows for individualized bag design through the use of labeling or direct printing. Adaptability is at the core of the upmatic 2000. Tailor it to your specific requirements by opting for a second film holder and selecting from a range of welding and cutting systems. We empower you to optimize your packaging operations and meet your unique demands.This remarkable machine has found its sweet spot in various industries. From efficiently packaging carrots, potatoes, and apples, to sealing the freshness of delectable pastries, seafood, and mouthwatering chocolates – the upmatic 2000 does it all! Unleash the potential of your packaging process with the upmatic 2000. Explore its limitless capabilities today and elevate your products to new heights of quality and efficiency!

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Wicket bagger

The UPMATIC Wicket-Bagger Type 24xx is the perfect solution for diverse sealing techniques, products, and bag forms. This fully automatic packaging machine enables efficient packaging of individual film bags directly from the magazine and offers various sealing options. With impressive technical specifications, the UPMATIC Wicket-Bagger Type 24xx is available in single or tandem configuration, delivering a high packing capacity of up to 52 ppm. The machine can process bags in different sizes, with a minimum bag size of 220 x 400 mm and a maximum bag size of 340 mm x 690 mm. This corresponds to approximately 1.0 to 10 kg of potatoes. To enhance the functionality of this machine, a range of accessories is available. The Kwik Lok sealing technology enables quick and secure bag closure, while the Twist Lock sealing technology ensures reliable sealing. A thermal transfer printer can apply high-quality labeling to the bags, and the filling monitoring function ensures accurate and consistent filling. The UPMATIC Wicket-Bagger Type 2402 offers an efficient and reliable solution for packaging individual film bags. With its extensive technical specifications and versatile range of accessories, this machine is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of the packaging industry. Choose the UPMATIC Wicket-Bagger Type 2402 to optimize your packaging processes while ensuring outstanding product quality.

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Tray Dispenser

Discover the UPMATIC Tray Dispenser Type 606, your reliable partner for fully automated processing of paper and plastic trays. With its innovative revolver magazine, this singulator enables uninterrupted production. The UPMATIC Tray Dispenser Type 606 impresses with its impressive technical specifications. With an ejection rate of up to 50 ppm, this machine effortlessly handles high production volumes. The magazine can accommodate up to 600 trays, allowing for longer operating cycles. This machine is highly versatile and can process trays in various sizes. The minimum tray size is 190 + 145 x 25, while the maximum tray size reaches 225 + 165 x 75. Other dimensions can also be adjusted as needed. To further enhance efficiency, the UPMATIC Tray Dispenser Type 606-4 comes with practical accessories. The revolver magazine enables seamless switching between trays and minimizes production interruptions. A magazine monitoring function ensures a sufficient supply of trays at all times. With the UPMATIC Tray Dispenser Type 606, you can be confident that your production runs smoothly and efficiently. Take advantage of this innovative solution to automate the processing of your paper and plastic trays. Don’t hesitate and choose the UPMATIC Tray Dispenser Type 606 to achieve higher productivity and quality in your production.

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Introducing the ultimate classic among net machines – the remarkable upmatic 1351! This industrial sewing machine sets new standards in processing net bags of all standard sizes. We understand that efficiency and flexibility are of utmost importance. That’s why we offer optional features such as electric height adjustment, allowing you to streamline your workflows even further. With our labeling and printing technology, you can add a personal touch to your bags.Thanks to our innovative technology, the upmatic 1351 seamlessly integrates with all common weighing machines. This enables you to seamlessly integrate and optimize your packaging processes.The applications for the upmatic 1351 are diverse. Whether it’s packaging or repackaging, this machine delivers outstanding performance. It is ideal for processing products such as Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, potatoes, parsnips, and beets.To meet your specific requirements, we offer a range of accessories, including labeling devices such as thermal transfer printers and label dispensers. Our fill monitoring feature ensures that you always have control over the packaging process. The vibrating drive in the support belt ensures even distribution of the products, while our packaging transport belts ensure smooth operation.The upmatic 1351 allows you to process package sizes ranging from 0.5 kg to an impressive 50 kg, with a high packing speed of up to 25 cycles per minute.Trust in the proven quality and performance of the upmatic 1351 to optimize your packaging processes and showcase your products in the best light possible. Experience the perfect synergy of precision and efficiency today!

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