Manual Inspection

Although camera technic is making a big progress, and the use of it is getting more and more common in the agricultural processing industry, the human eyes is still indispensable for controlling the quality of your end product.Working in a processing area where onions and potatoes are cleaned, graded and packed can be very unhealthy, because of the dust created by the machines. Often people are inside a cabin to inspect the product. Still dust can enter this cabin and the movement of the product is also creating dust. Meconaf has got a solution to make the working environment a lot better. By installing a Meconaf overpressure system on to the inspection cabin, the air quality inside the cabin will be much better and heathier to work in.The system is extracting clean air from outside. This air is heated to the required temperature and is blown into the room on top of the ceiling. With a plate the air is divided into the room and create an overpressure. Dust from outside won’t enter the room and dust created by rolling product is pushed downwards.
For your employees a much better working environment!

Overpressure System

This system is used at an inspection room. It helps to create clean and pleasant working environment for people working inside this cabin. It works as follows. The overpressure unit consists of the following parts We install a duct to extract clean air from outside. While still small particles can be extracted we start the unit with a filter box. The air is extracted by a tube fan directly placed after the filter box. After the fan the air will go through the heater to warm up the air. The air is blown in to the center of the ceiling. Underneath the ceiling we will install a plate just 50 cm smaller than the size of the ceiling. Around this plate the air will enter the room and create an overpressure inside the cabin. This overpressure will prevent dusty air entering through the openings at the inlet and the outlet of the cabin. The air blown in to the cabin is adjustable in power. With a thermostat the temperature is also adjustable. We have different heaters for different cabin sizes.

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The cabin is built around the area where the manual inspection is taken place. The platform where the inspection table is placed onto, the cabin is built with wood or sandwich panels. The height of the cabin is important. We advise to build the cabin with a height of 300 cm measured inside the room. The reason for that is that the people don’t feel the incoming air on top of their head. Continual draft on your head can give an unpleasant feeling and can make you ill. Also important is the position of transition from the transport of the product on to the inspection table, and the transition from the inspection table onto the next machine. This is preferable outside the cabin. Every drop will cause dust so it is better to have this transition outside the cabin.

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Extraction Around the Cabin

The overpressure placed on top of the cabin is blowing in the conditioned air. This air is leaving the cabin at the inlet and outlet of the room. Sometimes the condition of the air around the cabin is very bad. It all depends on the machines close to the cabin. To help the overpressure system preventing dusty air entering the room, we have the following solution. If there is an extraction system placed for this processing line we can install a small dust tent at the inlet of the inspection room and one at the outlet of the inspection room.

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