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With more than 30 years of experience in fresh fruit and vegetable sector, IPLA specialises in offering integral palletising and end-of-line solutions. IPLA has 3 offices, two in Spain and one in Latin America. The strategic location of its headquarters in Castell√≥n means that IPLA knows the fruit and vegetable sector very well. In addition, it has worked with leading fruit and vegetable producers and exporters from all over the world, which has made IPLA a specialist in the palletising of open top boxes, plastic crates, wood boxes and bushel boxes, the most common in the fruit and vegetable sector.Its work begins with the unification of crates from different packing areas, their segregation into different exits, palletising and the automatic handling of complete pallets, and it can place its systems right after any brand of packaging machine.Its palletisers, both Cartesian and robotic, are designed to optimise space and to make the operator’s job easier, with a user-friendly interface.The solutions designed by IPLA offer automatic pallet handling systems, with which pallets are wrapped and labelled, with the corresponding barcode, so that they do not have to be handled manually.

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