Integration and Communication

e as a Partnership of Companies pretend to be much more than a collection of dealerships. In the Partnership we work together in a very well-coordinated way to be able to present a project proposal that is as complete and detailed as possible. We have a common ambition and mindset to offer you the most cost-effective solution. The Partnership of Companies consists of the dealer and the suppliers. In order to achieve the above objective, we must communicate with you and each other as Partnership of Companies in a good and modern way. In addition to communication, the various parts of a project must also be perfectly integrated with each other. We share drawings and knowledge with each other. A project usually goes through a number of fixed stages. We explain The Project Flow in more detail on this page. We categorize the projects and lines we have offered and delivered. For this we have developed AIMS, see below. We always work with a composite project team for a project, see The Project Team below.

Order/Project flow

When requesting individual machines or standard lines, we can very quickly issue a ball park price. However, when there are special wishes or circumstances, we make 1 or more 2D drawings. Based on these drawings, we can make the first version of the product and waste flow chart together. We bring together all the quotations from the producers of your project and make a provisionally compiled quotation. If the quotation remains within your budget, we will make a 3D presentation. After we have discussed this 3D presentation with each other in a video conference, we make a detailed project report. In this report, all calculations for labor saving, ROI, Manning etc. worked out and included as far as desired. The first ideas for possible water management and the FLA (full electric Load) are also shown here.

Project Team

For a project we work at Rietveld Equipment and Allround Vegetable processing with a project team. A project team consists of the core team and the members who are brought in when a specific part is discussed or needs further explanation. Most of the members belong to Allround Vegetable Processing and Rietveld Equipment. When parts of partner companies, such as dust extraction, weighing and packaging, and water purification, etc. are discussed, the representatives of these companies will be involved in the discussions. In all so-called “Greenfield” projects, we have intensive contact with the representative of the construction company of the new building during the development of the project at a later stage. The projects are so complicated and Multi disciplinary these days that a salesperson simply cannot manage all this on his own. The salesperson is the coordinator/project leader. By working with a team of specialists, the chance of errors in the proposed solution is also as small as possible. During the video conference where of course we work with share screen, we have access to AIMS, Allround Intelligence Marketeng System. In this web base built on soft ware, we can have more than 10,000 drawings categorized. A thousand relevant films and thousands of photos and calculations. Together with you as a customer naturally belong to us, we can come up with the best ideas and perhaps new insights. We would like to invite you to become a member of our team of your project.

Allround intelligent marketing system

In AIMS, all individual machines, lines and projects can be found through the search engine. The program contains more than 10,000 drawings of lines and projects. A very extensive collection of arranged photos and a video library with more than a thousand films. A specially appointed programmer and administrator is exclusively involved in this. With the help of AIMS, the video conferences are very effective. We can search and immediately come up with all the alternatives that have already been worked out according to type of product, machine, or name. At this point, we involve the customer in this process with video conferencing. The process as we usually go through can be seen in the diagram. Customers will see new ideas and designs that will benefit the design of their own systems,that they would not have known about without this database.

Highway to your project

When designing a line or complete project, labor saving has the highest priority. We make the production processes fully transparent with dynamic calculation models. A separate drawing and calculation is made for staffing. A good planning and tracking of personal is possible When making a proposal, we formulated a few basic principles with regard to labor savings. When supplying raw product in trucks, we calculate for what any storage hoppers can deliver in terms of waiting time for the truck. When supplying in boxes, we offer a fully automatic box supply system.