Agropal means safety, speed and precision, built for palletizing bags from 2,5 kg to 25kg and boxes, from the first conveyor belt that collects the bag to the completely built pallet this palletizer model is different, is specifically designed for products with great stacking difficulties. That is why it is necessary to discharge the product vertically over the pre-layer zone and load assembly inside a mold with frontal and lateral adjustment capacity. Another advantage that this model has is that it automatically adapts to different pallet size.

High Speed palletizers for Bags

  • Synchronized opening grip and lateral presses.
  • 3 axes Robot-Portico, programmable and motorized to locate the delivery point over the gates.
  • Adaptable layer dimensions and lateral adjustment through adjustable chutes with different widths.
  • Synchronized gates for layer preparation.
  • Pneumatic mould opening with pneumatic-mechanical closure.
  • Pallet extraction rollers.
  • Lifting platform.
  • Easy access in the electric cabinet for esay maintence and cleaning troubleshooting.
  • Telescopic conveyor belt.
  • Ribbed belt for hybrid solutions
  • Production of 1.900 maneuvers/hour.
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Hybrid palletizers for Bags & Boxes

Agropal palletizer solution is the better option in the business for stacking bags and boxes, this design is created for stacking on the same solution for both products, this option helping at costumer to delivery in a single investment different products and formats. This is for companies that want to reduce their costs and grow up his market.

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Octavin filler solutions

Octavine solution is an additional option in the Agropal palletizer, this solution is for stacking a little bags in a single big box for easy transport and delivery. A great option if your problem is the profitability of the final line production stacking. If your requirements are in only one solution, and you want to grow up your profit, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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Compact palletizers solutions

Our goal at Intec is to create compact solutions that help to streamline productions more efficiently in the final line of agribusiness, we have the biggest catalogue in direct solutions in the potato, onion and carrots markets. Let us help you solve your problems in the final line production, contact us and get ready to prepares to improve your revenue in the production line.

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